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Why The Arts Matter


The role of the arts is constantly being questioned, most often when the subject has to do with funding arts. For those of you whom are wondering in your thoughts, why the arts matter? while sitting on your "ask me no questions," and you don't ask why the arts matter, here's a breakdown of some of the benefits and logistics of the arts. Art makes life more manageable, tolerable and enjoyable, art changes lives, it changes minds, it changes opinions, it changes cultures, it changes people, it changes ideas, it changes voices, it changes perspective, it changes humanity. Sufficient data exists to overwhelmingly support the belief that study and participation in the arts is a key component in improving learning throughout all academic areas and throughout one's life. Evidence from brain research shows that the arts develop neural systems that produce a broad spectrum of benefits ranging from fine motor skills to creativity and improved emotional balance. Evidence of its effectiveness in reducing student dropout, raising student attendance, developing better team players, fostering a love for learning, improving greater student dignity, enhancing student creativity, and producing a more prepared citizen for the workplace can be found documented in studies held in many varied settings.

Research by Americans for the Arts reports that in 2012 students who took four years of performing arts courses in high school scored 100 points better than students who took less or no performing arts courses. Research by the National Endowment for the Arts reports, students who participate in arts programs are more likely to take advanced math courses, graduate from high school and go on to college than those who don't, also the National Endowment for the Arts' research revealed that "at-risk" students from the lowest quarter of socioeconomic status who had access to arts education in or after school had better academic outcomes, were more likely to go to college, had better job opportunities, and were more likely to vote, volunteer in their communities, and participate in other civic-minded activities. More benefits of the arts;


When a student contributes their talents to a piece, performance, creation etc… Through these experiences they learn that their contributions have value even if they don’t have the biggest role.

Personal Discipline:

Students of the arts develop the capacity to integrate many aspects of the self and translate that integrated self into action and are able to use failure to learn. Arts training develops an understanding that learning is an ongoing process.

Innovative Thinking:

Being able to think on your feet, approach tasks from different perspectives and thinking outside the box will distinguish them from others, for example, in an arts program, the student might be asked to do a monologue from memory in different dialects or ways, asked to paint something from memory, or create a beat to add to a piece of music. By practicing that process, innovative thinking would become a natural process.

Collaborative Exploration:

Most arts disciplines are collaborative in nature. With arts programs and participation, students work together and share responsibility to accomplish a common goal. When someone has a part to play in a choir, a theatre or dance production, they begin to understand that their contribution is of value and necessary for the success of the entire group.


When students get to practice following through with artistic endeavors that result in a finished product or performance, they learn to associate dedication with a feeling of accomplishment. They practice developing healthy work habits of being on time for rehearsals and performances, respecting the contributions of others, and putting effort into the success of the final piece. In the arts, along with sharing your hard work with others, another reward for dedication is the warm feeling of an audience’s applause that comes rushing over you, making those efforts worthwhile.


The one benefit that many seem to think is the only benefit of the arts and arts education. Students of the arts must develop their imagination to a high degree. One of the primary tasks of the artist is to imagine new realities, new forms and new interpretations; to make something where there was nothing, composing a music composition, writing a script, choreographing a dance piece.


The skills developed through theater training for example, not only train you how to convincingly deliver a message, but also build the confidence you need to take command of the stage. Theater training gives students practice stepping out of their comfort zone and allows them to make mistakes and learn from them in rehearsal. This process gives them the confidence to perform in front of large audiences.

Problem Solving Skills:

Research from Americans For The Arts states "Artistic creations are born through the solving of problems. How do I turn this clay into a sculpture? How do I portray a particular emotion through dance? How will my character react in this situation?" you're consistently being challenged to solve problems. Those techniques develop skills in understanding and reasoning. All of that will help develop important problem-solving skills necessary for success in any career.


When a student begins to learn to play a musical instrument, playing Beethoven right away is not a reality, but, with practice, the student learns the skills and techniques and doesn't give up, that Beethoven concerto is that much closer. In an increasingly competitive world, where people are being asked to continually develop new skills, perseverance is essential to achieving success.


The ability to focus is a key skill developed through ensemble rehearsals and performances, keeping a balance between listening and contributing involves a great deal of concentration and focus. It requires each participant to not only think about their role, but how their role contributes to the big picture of the over all performance or piece. Recent research has shown that participation in the arts improves one’s abilities to concentrate and focus in other aspects of their lives.


Through experiences in theatre and dance education for example, students learn to breakdown the mechanics of body language, dance for example. They experience different ways of moving and how those movements communicate different emotions. They are then coached in performance skills to ensure they are portraying their character and messages effectively to the audience. Those skills transfer over into everyday life experiences.


When arts students practice creating something collaboratively, they get use to the idea that their actions affect other people and the over all performance or show. They learn that when they are not prepared or on-time, that other people and even the show suffer. Through arts training and the aesthetics of the arts, you learn that it is important to admit that you made a mistake and take responsibility for it. Because mistakes are a regular part of the process of learning in the arts, students begin to see that mistakes do happen. We acknowledge them, learn from them and move on.
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Below are some of the best resources and products for arts participants, students, enthusiasts and supporters.

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Online Visual Arts Courses

Beg, Int, Adv Level Visual Arts Courses

Beginner to Advanced courses in Drawing, Digital Art, Painting, Graphic Design, Photography, Architecture, Character Art and Photoshop...

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Online Music Courses (Visit)

Beg, Int, Adv Level Music Courses

Beginner to Advanced courses in Music Fundamentals, Music Production, Music Techniques, Music Software, Vocal and Instruments Courses...

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Online Dance Courses (Visit)

Beg, Int, Adv Level Dance Courses

Beginner to Advanced courses in Ballet, Jazz Dance, Choreography, Hip Hop Dance, Street Dance, Break Dance, Salsa, Tango, Indian Dance and Belly Dance Courses...

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PLAYBILLder (visit)

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Guide To Musical Theatre (Visit)

A guide for productions of Broadway Musicals.
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Production Beast (visit)

Find or post production jobs..
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Fubiz Media (Visit)

Latest creative news about art, design and pop-culture.
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Musopen (Visit)

Free recordings, sheet music, and textbooks.
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NEFA New England Foundation For The Arts (visit)
Dance Fund- $500 to $1,000- Deadline 9-20-2021
Pioneer Works Music Residency (Visit)
2022 Open Call for Music Residents- Deadline 9-30-2021
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IBDB (visit)

IBDB (Internet Broadway Database) archive is the official database for Broadway theatre information. IBDB provides records of productions from the beginnings of New York theatre until today.
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IMDb (Visit)

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is the largest, most comprehensive movie database on the web. It offers an extensive database of movie, TV shows, and cast information.
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This Is Me (Film)

By The Greatest Showman Cast. The Greatest Showman is a musical drama film. Celebrates the birth of show business and tells of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.
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The Pursuit of Love (TV Series)

A British period piece telling a coming-of-age story of two boy-crazy cousins and besties in the early 1900s as they pursue love and remaind friends through their ups and downs.
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Based on the Colson Whitehead novel about an alternate reality that imagines the Underground Railroad as an actual railroad with trains, conductors, and engineers.
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Beginner's Classical Ballet

Instructor Katerina Lubek
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Guitar Lessons System

Instructor Erich Andreas
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Ultimate Drawing

Instructors Jaysen Batchelor and Quinton Batchelor
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Ticket Liquidator (Visit)

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Eventbrite (Visit)

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Stars In The House (visit)

Benefiting The Actors Fund. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and theatres across the world closing their curtains indefinitely, SiriusXM host Seth Rudetsky and producer James Wesley have created Stars in the House, a daily live-streamed series to support The Actors Fund and its services.
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STEEZY (Visit)

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